Tuesday, March 08, 2011

fabric fun

Ok so i checked in my order last night and this is what i have.

CDC14= Crepe De Chine 12mm, 14 x 72 count of 5. ooooh, smooth and shiny and , well, silky! these are in a narrower package. the lable on the bag says CDC14, but the label on the scarf only says 100 % Silk.

CDC15= Crepe De Chine 12mm, 15X60 count of 5. same material, diff. dimensions. same label.

SWCDC both 14 x 72 & 15 x 60= Stone Wash Crepe De Chine at 16.5mm. 5 count ea. this has a kinda muted texture, more satiny and more depth. same issue with label.

I also have some tee shirts etc. more on that later.

should I really wash them in hot water??!!! well the silly instructions say to wash in hot water but I just can't do it. instead I wash the first 5 in warm with the detergent I bought from dharma, a new more Eco friendly product they have.

then we cleared off the big table and I covered it with paper and ironed them dry. well sorta pressed them but I always end up ironing when I press with an iron. my back is very unhappy! I need a taller table and one of those pressing machines!

the silk is beautiful! much nicer than the silk Scarves had before and I like those fine.

next time I work in my home studio, I will press the scarves one by one to the freezer paper and prepare that to go thru the printer. I know from last time I have to press it and print it the same day. I think I still have to cut down the freezer paper so it's the right width. does this sound fun? this is the hard part for me.

designing the scarves in Photoshop is fun!

so next post will be about that. stay tuned!

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