Thursday, May 19, 2011

learning new approaches to art

Process. This blog has sways been about my process. and for a long time i've been wondering if I could use a printing press in my process. Once at Frank Bette Center for the Arts in Alameda I saw an incredible series of photos that had not been printed in the darkroom but had been made on a printing press. they were marvelous! wish I remembered the artist's name, but he only showed that once. for years i've been following the folks involved in digital negative and photogravure like the fellow I just took a workshop with, Mark Nelson and Jon Lybrook .
But there's alot more to my vision than a monotone print, as beautiful as they can be. I want to add color in a subjective way, from my own imagination, and I want to play with textures and layers. this is why I started with transfers and printing on silk.
but i've never been happy with the look of my transfers, they don't have the depth of an intaglio print
so i'm taking a series of classes to reveal the process to me as I plan to create my own.
this is the first in series which is an attempt to explain what I can't explain to myself: where my art is going!

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kayla garelick, daydreaming artist

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