Saturday, February 26, 2011

Alameda on Camera

Alameda On Camera got off to an exciting start with the official kick off last nite and the Frank Bette Center for the Arts in the city of Alameda. The awards were announced including the best photo journalism submission from the local paper, best digital art from a local printer, best in show with a solo show in the back gallery ...
then we drew our little pieces of the map from the hat and scattered into the nite to check out our territory.

I picked #25 on the map which is bounded by Otis and San Antonio, Walnut and Chestnut. it's a mixed neighborhood near the mall on the way to the south shore. let's see what I can do!

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My Mane in the Wind said...

This must be an exciting project for you -- perhaps challenging based on what I know of Alameda! I look forward to seeing what your "macro eye" captures about the streets in your assigned section. There is beauty in the detail -- isn't there? The photos I've seen so far on your website seem to capture that beauty.

daydreamer said...

thanks My Mane! the biggest challenge is self imposed: i'm kinda done with flowers for a while and this part of Alameda has a lot of gardens! I also could not let go of how hard it was to get up close and personal with the water there! i'm excited to see my captures when I download them to my computer.