Saturday, February 26, 2011

what to wear for AOC

what to wear? well some of the forecasts I checked still said snow but that's silly because it's been so clear. true it's cold, but... so I layered up especially wearing a winter hat, wool socks with hiking boots and leather gloves. for me it's important to keep my extremities warm! Jeans and tee shirts and several sweaters along with my jacket seemed about right. it was still below freezing at my house when I stepped out but by the time I stopped for coffee and drove to my little 1/48th of Alameda it was above 45. so I left the jacket and gloves. after an hour some clouds had come along and I switched to my jacket again. I meant to bring my rain pants which are great for kneeling in damp leaves, which i've all ready done twice.

taking lots a shots.
more soon!

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